Analog Oscilloscopes    SS-Series Panel
Front panel (SS-7847A/7840A/7830A)
Front panel image(SS-7847A/7840A/7830A)

1 High-brightness CRT (Japan made)
6-inch, meshless CRT with internal graticule displays waveforms with bright and sharp traces.
2 High-accuracy 6-digit frequency counter
A frequency counter with ±0.0025% accuracy is built in.
3 Save/recall function
Up to 256 different setups with 12-character comments can be saved and recalled.
4 Wide frequency bandwidth of DC - 470MHz (SS-7847A)/
400MHz (SS-7840A)/300MHz (SS-7830A)
CH1/CH2 sensitivity: 2 mV/div; CH3/CH4: 100 mV/div or 500 mV/div selectable (1 MW/50 W)
5 Power supply output terminals for FET or current probe
Optional SFP-5A/4A (DC - 1GHz/800MHz) FET probe and SS-250 (100MHz)/SS-240A (50MHz) current probe can be used.
6 Powerful TV triggering
TV-H, ODD, EVEN or BOTH fields can be selected. Line selection is possible from NTSC: 1 - 525H, PAL (SECAM): 1 - 625 and HDTV: 1 - 1125.
7 Direct selection of the cursor measurement
Alternates Dt and DV. Up to four cursors can be displayed simultaneously.
8 Quick auto setup
Automatically displays an optimum range for input waveform (CH1/CH2)
Rear panel (SS-7847A/7840A/7830A)
Rear panel image(SS-7847A/7840A/7830A)



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